2014 Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year! – Jody Bouffard

Local lesbian entrepreneur Jody Bouffard has owned or run (often times both) various lesbian-centric businesses in Denver including: The Wave, HER Bar and tHERe Coffee Bar and Lounge. Her current venture, Blush & Blu, is a coffee shop and bar that has taken the old location of tHERe Coffee Bar and Lounge, 1526 E. Colfax Ave., but expanded another 2,000 square feet in January of this year, adding the ‘Blu’ to the established business ‘Blush,’ creating the space of Blush & Blu.


”I’ve been working in the bar scene my entire adult life, from helping run them to owning and operating four. Catering to women is a part of my DNA. And if I didn’t do it, who would?


As one of the only long-term lesbian bar owners in Denver, I know how difficult it can be to create synchronization for such a diverse community.


As a bar owner and entrepreneur, I’ve been invited into peoples’ lives and get to share in the ebb and flow of a universal tie.”


Jody Bouffard moved to Colorado at age 19 seeking a degree in the pharmaceutical business. After becoming involved in the bar scene, she never looked back.


Jody’s entrepreneurial career wasn’t always so glamorous. When she first started bar-backing at The Elle, every night she would tell the owners ‘Someday I’m going to own my own bar’ as she was scrubbing the floors, or polishing glasses. Since 2000 Bouffard has been on an entrepreneurial marathon that will not likely ever cease to be a part of the mysterious Jody B. 

Alongside owning and operating her current business, Blush & Blu, Jody owns a few eBay businesses, and is involved in many business pursuits, including a new publishing company with her wife.


Jody Bouffard married the love of her life this past June, Holly Hatch, and the couple happily lives in their quaint home in the ghetto of 5-Points, run their businesses and play with their three dogs.


Jody hopes to inspire other women to make a difference and become entrepreneurs, in her hopes that the gender gaps in the business world will one day cease to exist.


If you ask Jody about business, she will tell you that A: never take ‘no’ for an answer; B: it takes a village; and C: Good business will always be based on the community that supports it.