“Joining the Denver Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce was a great choice for me.  From the first meeting to the meeting yesterday, it has been a warm and welcoming community to learn about others’ businesses, give and receive referrals, and close solid business.  In my work helping homeowners go solar, it is important to meet people looking for a different and better way.  The DGLCC is not what I’d call hidebound or afraid of change!  I’ve received several referrals that have become solar installations and continue to receive new opportunities most weeks through my friends in the Chamber.”

—Andrew Ehrnstein  |  Senior Energy Consultant – Mentor  |  SolarCity


“Vivace Creative is a member of 2 or 3 chambers in the Denver area …but our chamber of CHOICE is the Denver Gay & Lesbian Chamber.

It has always felt like a community working together to build business relationships and a collective of people focusing on the greater good for Colorado and the Denver area.

Plus, DGLCC is forward thinking and are advocates of growth and abundance for the whole of the organization and the allies that support them.

Love DGLCC and their energy!”

—Ceelee Chainey  |  Chief Creative Officer  |  Vivace Creative