Annual Programs

Minority Business Expo

Each May, the DGLCC Board of Directors invite businesses from the local community to attend the Coalition Business Expo featuring booths showcasing the diverse businesses of the DGLCC membership as well as those from other minority associations. Those who attend are able to meet with booth sponsors to discuss their businesses, have questions answered and build awareness leading to future business relationships. This is a great opportunity for members to showcase their businesses to people inside and outside of the DGLCC community as the Business Expo is the one event of the year that invites local businesses that are not DGLCC members to attend.

Business Awards Dinner and Member Holiday Party

DGLCC honors members of the community who have impacted LGBT lives for the better. Professionals, businesses and organizations are recognized for their work in the LGBT community through seven different awards including:

  • Individual Community Ally of the Year
  • Professional Woman of the Year
  • Non-Profit Organization of the Year
  • Corporate Community Ally of the Year
  • Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year
  • Entrepreneurial Man of the Year
  • Professional Man of the Year

A silent auction is organized to complement the Business Awards Dinner and proceeds benefit a local nonprofit.

Member Appreciation Party

Every August, the Business After Hours is turned into a special event to appreciate every member of the DGLCC. Held at a location TBD, members will enjoy one another’s company and celebrate each other’s successes.¬†