How often does the DGLCC meet?

The DGLCC meets at least once a month.  Programming includes business networking, educational programming, business growth opportunities, joint events with other community groups.  Keep an eye on the Event Calendar on the website.


Do I have to own a business to join?

Absolutely not! The DGLCC started out as a professional networking group, and we encourage individuals who are looking to network with other professionals to join.


How do I join?

View information about our membership levels.


Does the DGLCC have a code of ethics for it’s members?

The chamber expects all members to follow our Code of Ethics.


I’m considering starting a small business. Does the DGLCC have any resources available to help me?

Of course, the DGLCC has members and partners whose expertise is supporting entrepreneurs and/or small business owners.  We provide education, access to capital, certification opportunities, supplier diversity networking and a myriad of other activities to support individuals in the creation of their businesses.


How can I advertise on the DGLCC’s website?

Review our sponsorship opportunities, which include prominent placement for banner ads on the DGLCC’s Web site.


I would like to present a program to the DGLCC. How can I do that?

The DGLCC Chamber loves to have diverse programming amongst our members and partners.  Contact the Executive Director with your proposal.


I’d like to be a member, but I do not want my membership public. Can you do that?

Absolutely. We allow you to decide if you want your membership available in our online directory.


Do I have to be LGBT to join the Chamber?

Not at all! In fact, our membership includes many supporters who desire to do business with the LGBT community. LGBT – supportive members make up a healthy percentage of the total membership.


I have tried Chambers before and I never get leads!

We find that if a member consistently attends events and builds relationships with other members that they are successful in obtaining and referring business. You will get out of the chamber what you put into it!