2014 Professional Man of the Year—Jerry Cunningham

Before taking the helm of Out Front, Jerry Cunningham was the publicist for the City of Arvada, where he promoted the work and stage-craft being produced at the largest multi-disciplinary arts organization in the nation — Arvada Center.

Before that that, he owned an event production and decor company, producing intimate social gatherings for his clientele which ranged from Denver’s elite to fortune 500 corporations.

When asked what’s his secret in life and business, he said, “I try and remind myself every day that life is not about what you get, it’s about what you give that counts. And at Out Front we believe that every person and culture is a vibrant contribution to the fabric of humanity. That’s a lot to take in, but in life — when you are surrounded by nothing but amazing people — it makes giving easier and life more rewarding.”

Cuningham said he would like to thank the Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for honoring him with this year’s Professional Man of the Year award.

“I truly feel undeserving of such a title considering the impressive group of LGBT business men and women who make Colorado a great place to work and conduct business. It is with their unwavering devotion and commitment to business and the LGBT community that this celebration — and the DGLCC — are even possible. I am truly humbled by this recognition and it certainly helps validate the great work that we are doing at Out Front. Thank you!”

He attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and has a degree in Business Management & Marketing from the University of Regis in Denver.