Letter from the Chairperson

Dog Days of summer are ahead…Kids are headed back to the classroom… Businesses are realizing that they only have four full months to make the numbers. I encourage everyone to attend a Tuesday morning referral group atHotcakes downtown – meet some members and maybe someone there
can help make those numbers!

Check out our events on our new and much-improved website. All of our events are on the calendar.
Speaking of events,  just around the corner…Don’t miss our annual member appreciation business after hours at the Warwick of Denver.
Always a great evening with food and friends galore! We would love it if you brought a friend. Introduce them to what’s going on at the chamber.



Coming up fast is our annual Business Awards dinner in November. We have lots of exciting happenings for this remarkable event.
Our committee is working hard to make this a night to remember. Stay tuned for more info. Nominations to follow.
That’s it from my desk to
yours. See you all soon!!!